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Two Olives

Rich in History—and in Flavor

Made from scratch with love. Celebrating one family’s 40-year legacy through web design and branding, Baseline Creative told the story of the Toubia family and Two Olives.

For the love of food and hospitality. At Two Olives, their philosophy is that every meal should be an experience, and every guest should experience Mediterranean hospitality.

For branding, Baseline worked with Two Olives to develop a color palette that reflects the Mediterranean culture, tastefully, without kitsch. The color palette also communicates the distinctive differences in dining experiences between the brunch, lunch, and dinner services. Custom illustrations provided an elegant, old world feel to each section of the site.

The elements of branding, design, and illustration were carefully-crafted to convey the rich history and values of the Toubia family and their enduring legacy in Wichita dining.