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We are a close knit team of creatives and developers. If you dream it, we can build it.
Nathan Williams headshot

Nathan (he/him/his)

Principal + Owner

Hailing from Topeka, Nathan attended the University of Kansas, where he began his lifelong affinity for letterforms and graphic design. A quick study at reverse-engineering of undocumented printing methods, he began creating fonts from historic samples in 1995 and established his own type foundry, Baseline Fonts, in 1999.

Nathan has spent almost two decades as a hybrid designer, constantly evolving alongside technology and industry shifts. He founded Baseline Creative in 2005 and has grown it into a full-service agency. He finds inspiration everywhere and in everyone but especially in a good cup of coffee.

On the home front, Nathan is an avid baker and enjoys printmaking and painting. He has three brilliant daughters, an amazingly effervescent wife, a Golden Retriever named Betty, a Kansas Humane Society rescue named JoJo, and a menagerie of cats—acquired by his wife and daughters. His favorite, over all, is orange.

Bridgette (she/her/hers)

Vice President

Bridgette brings to Baseline more than a decade of brand management, strategic planning and public relations experience in health care, non-profit, higher education and the corporate world. Her volunteer work speaks to her core values, and social justice.

Bridgette puts her masters of business law, and bachelor's degree in public relations and political science, to good use by implementing procedures and protocols that help Baseline operate more efficiently. She thinks five—if not 10—steps ahead at all times.

Bridgette has an innate business sense that allows her to manage the more pragmatic side of a creative firm. She helps coach staff members and keeps them on task—all with a smile on her face. She helps shape our team as the hiring manager, and applicants will earn some unofficial bonus points if they've read this far and understand who to reach out to about opportunities with Baseline.

She identifies as a bona fide crazy cat lady. It all started with the late Burt Reynolds and his littermate Frida Kahlo, brown tabby and Lynx Point Siamese respectively, and now includes Schwarz the orange tabby and Phoenix the tiny tuxey. Her canine companions, Betty White the Golden Retriever, and JoJo effervescent American Shelter Dog round out her fur squad.


Agency Director

Andrea is a graduate of Wichita State University and spent a career in public relations in the non-profit sector before coming to Baseline. Andrea is an experienced strategist, event planner, crisis communicator and writer.

Andrea is the Agency Director for Baseline Creative and oversees staff and strategic direction for clients. In her multi-faceted role, Andrea is committed to continuing the culture of collaboration at Baseline and being a cheerleader for team members. Andrea also enjoys building relationships with clients, and working with them to evaluate the bigger picture and work toward goals.

Andrea loves spending time with her family including her husband and two nearly grown children and their rescue dog, a Beagle/Basset mix named Maggie.


Web & Technology Director

Ben is the driving force behind all of Baseline Creative’s websites. Armed with a degree in computer science from Bethel College, Ben is an authority on all things related to databases, code and innumerable scripting languages. The Newton native has been the lead developer at Baseline Creative since 2007 and is known for being incredibly intuitive and patient with both clients and the Baseline team.

As the Web & Technology Director, Ben oversees the development team, ensuring adherence to best practices in web and application development. Ben is also the lead on PetBridge, an animal shelter software developed by Baseline.

Ben has diverse musical interests ranging from ska to his favorite jazz musician, Don Ellis. He’s always keeping the office guessing musically. He also loves BBQ, good science fiction and comic books.

Ben enjoys lounging with his wife, Anna and their two children—who keep the adults very busy.


Art Director

Hannah has passion for great design, photography, the color green, Andy Warhol, and corgis. Hannah’s previous experience as a graphic designer before joining Baseline included graphic design for higher education, legal, and non-profits. She graduated from Friends University with a BA in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Studio Art and is a natural creative. Hannah channels her creativity into her diverse design work and photography.

As the Art Director for Baseline, Hannah is known for her eye for details. She can spot uneven kerning or margins from a mile away and guides designers toward creativity, and consistency. Hannah is also our resident color expert and may have been a Pantone representative in a previous life. Photography and videography are two of her specialties, creating beautiful visuals for clients.

Hannah, like the rest of the Baseline team, has pets she adores. Stella and Ringo are Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and their names are inspired by one of the greatest bands of all time—The Beatles.


Full Stack Developer

Donald's love of programming can be traced back to his teenage years, and has been a hobby of his ever since. After getting married, Donald immediately started going to school and studying hard to turn his hobby into a career he enjoys and earned his degree in Software Development, focusing on web technologies.

Donald is the Full Stack Developer at Baseline and enjoys creating code to build intricate databases, web applications and software.

Donald and his family are video game fanatics, and generally love all things geeky. Marvel movies are their weakness, and they have enjoyed watching them in chronological order as a family. Donald enjoys binge-watching shows with his wife, developing Roblox games with his son, and just spending time with his toddler daughter. He is the proud owner of the two most spoiled guinea pigs in the world, a rescued German Shepherd mix named Maximus, and has the fattest, friendliest squirrels in town.


Account Manager

Ashlyn is a graduate of Wichita State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication and has a Master of Arts in Communication. Ashlyn was a graduate teaching assistant and taught Public Speaking for two years. She is a solid researcher with experience composing and running focus groups, and creating strategies based on her research. Ashlyn loves the field of digital marketing and communications because of the daily variety and creativity and the constantly changing landscape requires her to always learn something new.

Ashlyn is an Account Manager with a focus on digital marketing strategy including social media, and is certified in Google Ads and Analytics. She enjoys working with clients, building relationships with them and developing strategies to help them meet their goals.

In her free time, Ashlyn enjoys traveling, shopping, and stumbling onto a really good restaurant or brewery. While she doesn’t have any pets (yet), she does have a niece and nephew that she is obsessed with and declares that “Aunt life is the best life!”


Digital Designer

Gabby is a graphic designer and digital marketer for Baseline Creative. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from WSU and is working toward earning a technical certificate in Digital Marketing from WSU Tech. Gabby has been on the local Professional Association for Design (AIGA) board for four years.

Gabby loves the creative side of graphic design and is intrigued by the analytical side of digital marketing. She is interested in seeing through analytics, how well designs work, especially in the realm of social media.

Gabby is an avid watcher of TV and movies of all different genres and quality, but for the last few years she has been into reality tv. She collects signed things from cast members of 90 Day Fiancé, and her prized possession is one of their wedding invites. Usually when she’s working she’s listening to podcasts about the tv shows she watches and she tries to go to the movies at least once a week.

Traveling is also a passion for Gabby, and she loves going on trips to museums and places with interesting history. And she loves going to Disney World!

Gabby has an 11-year-old Bichon Frise named Paparazzi because he follows her around the house all day.


Web Support Developer

Brittany was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Taking the next steps in her career in web and software development with Baseline Creative, Brittany has always been intrigued with the way technology advances and fell in love with frontend web development when taking courses. She loves celebrating the small successes when problem-solving for a difficult task. In her free time Brittany enjoys spending time with her friends and family including two fun and beautiful daughters with awesome little personalities.

Running is her getaway and she has participated and completed various races ranging from 5k to half marathon—and is aiming to complete a full marathon. Brittany enjoys coffee and reading Inspirational and educational books with the occasional novel to balance things out. She also enjoys sports including football, basketball and boxing as well as the occasional scary or action movie.

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