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We want to launch careers. We want to help mid-career professionals find a new passion. We want to build the ultimate creative team.  A team of engaged graphic designers, web developers, copywriters and digital marketers who work together to build businesses.

Our office in the historic Dockum Building at Douglas and Hillside  is a place where creativity meets collaboration. Our open-concept office allows for some electric brainstorming, meaningful mentoring and transparent client interaction.

Our founder and principal, Nathan Williams, doesn’t sit behind a big desk in a closed office. He sits right by the entrance and greets the mail carrier every day with an effusive “Good morning!”  He brings in fresh bread that he makes in the middle of the night when his ever-firing brain wakes him. Our director of operations, Bridgette West-Williams, also has an open-door policy.

Because there are no doors at Baseline.

We’re growing. We want to hear from people who want to grow with us. We want to take you to lunch and see your work so that when we have an opening, we can hire you right away and not string you along for weeks or months. We’re not big on jumping through hoops at Baseline, though we do like hula hoops.

Don’t be shy.

Give us a call. Send us an email. Drop off your portfolio.

At Baseline, we’re not about the bottom line.

We’re about the journey that takes our clients to a better one.