• Nathan Williams

    Principal + Owner

    Hailing from Topeka, Nathan attended the University of Kansas, where he began his lifelong affinity for letterforms and graphic design. A quick study at reverse-engineering of undocumented printing methods, he began creating fonts from historic samples in 1995 and established his own type foundry, Baseline Fonts, in 1999.

    Nathan has spent almost two decades as a hybrid designer, constantly evolving alongside technology and industry shifts. He founded Baseline Creative in 2005 and has grown it into a full-service agency. He finds inspiration everywhere and in everyone but especially in a good cup of coffee.

    On the home front, Nathan is an avid baker and enjoys printmaking and painting. He has three brilliant daughters, an amazing wife, a Catahoula Cur named Bella, a Kansas Humane Society rescue named JoJo and four cats. His favorite, over all, is orange.

  • Bridgette West-Williams

    Director of Operations + Project Management

    Bridgette brings to Baseline nearly 10 years of brand management and public relations experience in health care, higher education and the corporate world.

    She wrapped up her master’s of business law from Friends University in 2015. Bridgette is putting that degree to good use by implementing new procedures that help Baseline operate more efficiently. She thinks five — if not 10 — steps ahead at all times.

    Bridgette has an innate business sense that allows her to manage the more pragmatic side of a creative firm. She helps coach staff members and keeps them on task — all with a smile on her face.

    She identifies as a bona fide crazy cat lady. It all started with Burt Reynolds and Frida Kahlo, brown tabby and Lynx Point Siamese respectively.

  • Ben Voth

    Lead Developer + Senior Architect

    Ben is the driving force behind all of Baseline Creative’s websites. Armed with a degree in computer science from Bethel College, Ben is an authority on all things related to databases, code and innumerable scripting languages. The Newton native has been the lead developer at Baseline Creative since 2007 and is known for being incredibly intuitive and patient with both clients and the Baseline team.

    In his limited spare time, Ben enjoys lounging with his wife, Anna, and their two dogs. The Voth family recently added a baby, Amelia, to their brood. So we’re not joking about the limited spare time.

    Ben has diverse musical interests ranging from ska to his favorite jazz musician, Don Ellis. He’s always keeping the office guessing musically. He also loves BBQ, good science fiction and comic books.

  • Josiah Zimmerman

    Graphic Designer

    Josiah grew up in Hutchinson and graduated from Haven High School.

    He received a full-ride scholarship to Hutchinson Community College to study music education. “I thought I wanted to be some kind of rock star,” he admits.

    He transferred to Wichita State University his junior year to earn his bachelor’s of fine arts degree with an emphasis in graphic design in 2015.

    Josiah plays guitar, piano and drums and volunteers his musical and design talents at Journey the Way, where he worships and sometimes leads worship.

    Josiah is married and has two cats, Penelope and Lolli.




  • Tjaden Sadowski

    Digital Marketing + Copywriter

    The owner of two hard-to-pronounce names, Tjaden brings more than nine years of professional copywriting and digital marketing experience to Baseline Creative. In 2006, he graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in integrated marketing communications and a minor in English literature.

    Tjaden enjoys helping clients reach the largest audience possible through creative copy, SEO marketing and social media strategies.

    Tjaden has been drawing and writing ever since he was old enough to hold a crayon. Some of his heroes include Bob Dylan, Ingmar Bergman, Maurice Sendak and Ernest Hemingway. Tjaden loves ‘60s pop culture, watching art house cinema, hiking, playing guitar, the St. Louis Cardinals and reading books to his little cousins Jack and Eva.

  • Andrea Anglin

    Account Manager + Writer

    Andrea is a graduate of Wichita State University and spent a career in public relations in the non-profit sector before coming to Baseline. Andrea is an experienced strategist, event planner, crisis communicator and writer.

    She is a lifelong Wichitan except for a two-year stint in Colorado. Yes, it was beautiful. Yes, she wanted to come back to Kansas. And no, she isn’t crazy.

    Andrea is a prolific reader and binge-watcher of all genres with a special place in her heart for science fiction. But the real wind beneath her wings is her family including her husband and two amazing teenagers. A rescue dog named Maggie and a hedgehog named Hershey are the pets who have her heart.

  • Rebecca Morris

    Front End/Support Developer

    Rebecca is a native of both coasts! She was born in Northampton, Massachusetts and also lived in California for 27 years. She added the Midwest to her geographic portfolio when her family moved to Wichita in the summer of 2007.

    Rebecca received a degree in Sociology from Wichita State but is self-taught in HTML and CSS and Skillcrush Blueprints (web design and WordPress). She’s also dabbled in graphic and visual design since 2001 —which basically means she’s a genius who uses both sides of her brain.

    In her free time, Rebecca enjoys creative endeavors including art, photography and writing. And, like any good American, she also loves a good Netflix binge and spending time with her kids, Parker, Zoie and Quynne and her husband, Robert. The Morris family cat, Sam, is a mouse killer extraordinaire.

  • James Kandt


    James has been a creative problem-solver in all categories of marketing, specializing in B2B from Dallas to Denver, Los Angeles to back home in Wichita.

    James came to Wichita as executive art director at Sullivan Higdon & Sink and has creatively served clients as James Kandt Studios since 1994. His home is full of art and celebrates his keen eye.

    He mentors the Baseline Creative team and works with them to review more than just the design — he challenges them to think about the purpose of the project. He often asks a simple “Why?” that helps designs and copywriters think harder about what the messages they are trying to convey.

    James has restored several antique cars and drives around Wichita in an 1956 Ford truck and a 1964 Studebaker. He hates when he has to drive his wife’s “Realtor car.”

  • Maureen Masters


    Maureen was born in an aviation publishing house and shared a bedroom with the first Xerox machine in Kansas. She cut her teeth on proofreads and learned the business of writing before most kids lost their training wheels.

    A byproduct of both Wichita schools and Wichita business, she brings to Baseline a skill set that is as unique as it is necessary. She provides an alternative, and sometimes unconventional, perspective on ways to meet objectives. Her attention to detail, when coupled with her superhuman enthusiasm, make her a fairly unstoppable force and a valued part of the team.

    Her children have grown and moved away, so a Wichita address is no longer necessary. When not spinning sentences into gold, she usually can be found with GPS and a cellphone.