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A digital camera captures a custom stock photo of a cup of coffee

Custom Stock Photography

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There are several benefits of having custom stock photography for your business. However, you may wonder if it’s necessary for your company.

The terms ‘custom’ and ‘stock’ may sound like they don’t go hand in hand. For instance, if it’s a stock photo, then how is it also defined as custom?

A library of custom stock photos means you can ditch browsing websites for stock images that don’t capture or reflect your brand. Custom stock photography gives you the ability to portray your brand image and company culture through original photos.

4 Benefits of Custom Stock Images

  1. A professional photography/videography session.
  2. Photo and video editing that portrays your brand image.
  3. Unique and original assets with a personal touch, providing a cohesive look across all platforms.

Imagery plays an important role in branding, and it can make or break a business. Companies need photos for everything they have to offer, including products and services.

From social media content, to blog posts and marketing materials, you need photos. So, why not make them custom stock photos that are original and unique to your brand?

Custom Stock Photography by Baseline Creative

Are you in need of original photos that capture your business in its finest element? At Baseline Creative, our team can do it all. From the photography session, to editing images, and posting them to your website or social media, we are here to help.

However, we offer more than just photography and videography. Some of our capabilities include developing brand identity and image, creating social media campaigns, and designing and building custom websites.

If you’re in the market for updated headshots, custom stock imagery, or other marketing needs, contact us to start a conversation. No task is too complex for our team of strategists, designers, and developers to handle!


Never Go to the Grocery Store Hungry

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I shop. All the time. I love to go to the grocery store. It’s my place filled with my people. Perhaps I should feel uncertainty and angst about being surrounded by people I don’t know. However, that’s not my headspace.

I live vicariously through the daily updates I receive from grocery store employees. They share excerpts of their lives and families. I reciprocate and I consider them friends.

While I shop, I reflect on what I treasure most: sitting down with my family and listening to their thoughts and feelings. The dinner table, that is where the magic happens.

Two pieces of collective advice to share that pertain to life, and marketing. 

Turn Strangers into Friends

If I don’t know them, I will get to know them. Legendary designer and creative Mike Quon visited Wichita many years ago to speak at the Wichita AIGA event and I had the honor of driving him around for the day. 

Mike Quon is humble, especially given everything he’s accomplished. 

More than any of his success, though – is a piece of advice that he shared with me. It goes something like this: talk to five people you don’t know, every day. Life is about connecting with others. 

Don’t Let Desperation Make Decisions for You

When you’re looking for help with marketing, design, websites, software or apps, take your time! 

Creative agencies are all different. For instance, we refer quite a few people we meet to other agencies based on the approach that is right for their needs.

More than anything else, understand that the value of an investment grows over time. Nurturing a plant yields significantly more fruit. 

About Baseline Creative, Inc., a Full-Service Creative Agency

At Baseline Creative, we’ve found a niche. We are performance-based. What this means for our clients is that instead of having a contract for years, we have an agreement for service. Furthermore, we believe in transparency. We love talking with people and helping them find an appropriate fit between their brand(s) and their audience. 

We’ve grown over the years through hard work, consistency, adaptation and earning the trust and respect of clients we serve. 

Baseline Creative proudly offers marketing services to a variety of industries. For example, creative strategy, marketing, website design, app design, and software design. In addition, we also offer branding and identity, photography, social media management, videography, and animation. Further, we offer an array of other services and solutions, all done by our in-house team. We serve as a think tank and sounding board for many businesses, too.

We share many ubiquitous axioms.