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Creating Content in the Time of Covid-19

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Covid-19 has changed the world, including content creation and the marketing industry. How we market, where we market and the kinds of messages we create have had to evolve since the onset of the global pandemic.

As countries went into lockdown, media consumption increased worldwide by 44% according to an article by Search Engine Watch. Content creation started to change and brands struggled at the time because regular marketing messages were either no longer relevant or were tone-deaf. Community-focused content helped brands thank their customers and their employees. It also provided an opportunity for them to show compassion and empathy for all those affected by Covid-19.

Educational content has grown as well. As people used their quarantine time to learn new things content that provided lessons, or how-to, or even promoted formal curriculums became, and remain popular.

Content with Positive Messaging vs Covid-19

Uplifting and entertaining content increased as well. An article in states that TikTok became the most downloaded app in the world as over 315 million people downloaded it in the first quarter of 2020. If you aren’t familiar with TikTok, the content ranges from trendy dances and comedy sketches, to DIY videos and even educational videos. TikTok creators have a maximum of 60 seconds for each video and some creators have millions of followers.

This past week, Pinterest released insights about key search trends on their platform. The results included a focus on wellness, positivity and even starting a new business. From February to May, searches around mental health wellness increased 44%, gratitude increased 60% and positivity grew by 44%. Other search terms that saw an increase included stress relief activities, home exercise routines, starting a new business, and bucket lists. These shifts in searches show the kinds of content that social media users are eager to access to escape the current landscape and look toward a brighter future. 

According to Neilsen, from March 2019 to March 2020, the number of people who accessed information on their mobile devices increased 215% in the United States alone. As part of this growth, there was a tremendous upswing in e-commerce, which isn’t surprising given the number of brick-and-mortar stores that closed due to the virus. Additionally, as customers yearn for the tangible experience of going into a store to shop, more Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology is being used to entice customers online.

Don’t Forget About Imagery During Covid

Visually, content is changing as some advertisements switch up imagery to include people in masks, and social distancing. As we consider content and messaging during the pandemic, and perhaps into the future, the imagery we associate with our content has to be intentional. Handshakes, close group photos, and other kinds of images previously used in stock photos are being replaced with images that reflect the “new normal”. Even previously used phrases like “hand-in-hand” may need to be revised in your marketing content so as not to raise eyebrows.

As Covid continues to change marketing, Baseline Creative will continue to create content strategies that work, while being responsible and respectful of the state of the world. If you need assistance with your social media content creation, contact us—we’d love to help.

M-Care Healthcare website

Launching a Business in a Pandemic

By Blog

You can successfully launch a new business in a pandemic. Baseline Creative worked with Amanda Mogoi at M-Care Healthcare to help her launch the business from a side-gig to a full-time job. As a health care company with a mission to serve the underserved, including members of the LGBTQIA+ community, immigrants, homebound individuals, and those who are economically disenfranchised, Amanda and her team enlisted Baseline Creative to upgrade their brand, website, and to get the word out about their new location.

“M-Care’s mission and the passion the Mogoi’s have for helping others spoke to us and we knew we wanted to be a part of the good they are doing in our community,” said Bridgette West-Williams, Executive Director at Baseline Creative. “We have a wonderful relationship with M-Care and we appreciate the trust they’ve put in us to grow their business.”

Updating the Brand

Baseline Creative helped M-Care Healthcare with rebranding the company, including changes to the logo, creating brand standards, and creating a consistent look for the business’ marketing materials.

In addition, Baseline built a new website for M-Care with complete search engine optimization (SEO) and document downloads for new patients.

Baseline also crafted content calendars for M-Care’s social media and created social media ads aimed at growing the M-Care audience online specifically targeting the people M-Care serves.

The Results

The result? In just two months, M-Care is busy scheduling more patients than originally projected. “We couldn’t be happier that we chose Baseline Creative for all of our marketing needs. The team has been absolutely phenomenal! Baseline staff has been attentive to our needs, always listening and taking our vision to the next level creating great results for our business,” Mogoi said.

As for Baseline, we were happy to help M-Care reach their initial goals and we are excited to help them continue to grow. “It’s exciting to see their business growing so rapidly and being a part of the amazing work M-Care is doing,” Wes-Williams said.  

If your business is looking to grow, contact Baseline Creative to see how we can assist!