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Pinterest Marketing

By September 23, 2020No Comments
The Pinterest logo is displayed on a mobile phone with Pinterest boards in the background

Early on, Pinterest garnered a reputation for being the place to go to find recipes and “pin” them to a personal feed to be referenced later. When launching in 2010, Pinterest was mostly focused on crafts, gifts, interior design, and fashion. Since then, it’s grown into a powerful sales platform and Pinterest marketing has become a powerful tool.

From Inspiration to E-Commerce

Pinterest has become “shoppable” meaning, users can be served pins based on keywords that lead them to promoted pins, which are ads. Research from Pinterest showed that 83% of pinners made a purchase based on the content they found on Pinterest. As a highly visual platform, Pinterest is a great way to show off your products.

In addition, the Pinterest algorithm serves up pins that are based on your personal preferences, increasing the potential for products to be purchased. In fact, ads on Pinterest deliver at 2.3 times lower cost per conversion than other ads on social media.

According to Pinterest, 97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded. This means that users don’t come to Pinterest with a specific brand in mind, but rather search for categories—which is great for small businesses!

Ways to Shop from Pins

Pinners can shop directly from a board which means that they will be able to see a Shop tab, and in-stock items will be displayed on boards they have created with a search term. For instance, if someone pins “Dining Room Furniture” they will see those kinds of items on that board.

Pinners can also search for items in the app and will be served in-stock product information from businesses. Users can search for “sunglasses” and will be served products as well as pricing and brand filters.

Shopping from pins has been made much easier. Pinners can simply click on the pin to shop and will also see similar products they might be interested in purchasing.

Browsable style guides are another way in which users can find products to purchase. Now, when Pinners search for home-related terms style guides will display guides for style categories like “mid-century, contemporary, and rustic.” This is a helpful visual search tool for those who are interested in making a purchase or researching a purchase.

Do You Find This Pinteresting?

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