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Los Angeles Web Design: Arielle Antoine

By April 18, 2019April 29th, 2020No Comments

Los Angeles Web Design Happens in the Heartland.

In brief, Los Angeles Web Design is competitive. Celebrated brands are many. In fact, standing out from the crowd takes some effort.

We love our clients. We are selective with our work. Although at first glance you might wonder what Baseline Creative is all about. While many creative agencies focus on verticals. we prefer to be nimble. When they work in a specific industry and replicate creative content, the goal is to increase profit. However, this often means less creative and more selling. To this, we say “nah.”

For us, it’s all about the people.

Whether it’s a celebrated celebrity stylist that’s worked with a vast roster of artists to a no-kill animal shelter where we can help more pets find forever homes…it’s all about the people. The stories and experiences we share as we work to develop long-term relationships. That is what defines us.

Our purpose is in our promise and delivering results.

Because results matter. Also, relationships matter.

We would love to know more about you. Contact Baseline Creative to discuss marketing and creative collaboration.

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Arielle Antoine, a celebrated celebrity stylist chose Baseline Creative for her web design. We feel a little closer to the celebrities even from a distance. In this scene, Jeremy Piven appears in a commercial – check out the costume design!

During Arielle Antoine’s project, something we learned as we talked with her was that the “effortless” celebrity style. Although it looks effortless, it takes a lot more effort than we thought. Whether it’s Britney in a music video or cave men throwing a football, there are so many aspects to styling.

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Our favorite part of Arielle’s work requires you to delve a little deeper. Beyond the landing page of the website. Make sure to see some of the comedy commercials and music videos Arielle has styled. Her ability to capture the individuality and character in costuming is inspiring.

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