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Influencer Marketing

By January 21, 2021No Comments
Kylie Jenner is a well-known influencer

Have you utilized influencer marketing in the past? If not, this may be the year to start.

Influencer marketing has gained traction in recent years as social media continues to be a growing medium.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is similar to the idea of celebrity endorsements, without the added costs of producing a fully fleshed-out advertising campaign.

Influencer marketing utilizes leaders to promote your brand message and drive sales. In addition, it is a simple and affordable way to get your brand in front of thousands of people who aren’t in your existing audience. To clarify, it’s readily available.

This helps generate brand awareness, increase traffic, and reach a broader audience of potential customers. The process starts by finding a content creator or figure who connects with your audience and aligns with your brand or product.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Think of your favorite brand that you know and love, and you’ll likely be able to recall a campaign or paid promotion that left an impression.

Influencers can be local figures, like fashion bloggers, beauty gurus, and they can also be a-list celebrities.

For instance, Kylie Jenner has been deemed the highest-paid Instagram influencer, making 1.2 million for a single Instagram post. Notable paid partnerships with Jenner include Sugar Bear Hair, Puma, and in-house brand Kylie Cosmetics.

Another example includes Joelle Fletcher from The Bachelorette who has a paid promotion with Heineken®. This campaign highlights their new Zero Alcohol Beer in a campaign to promote “Dry January.”

This commercial runs on ABC network during the premiere of The Bachelor episodes every Monday from 7-9 p.m.

Influencer Marketing and Beyond

Are you in need of a digital marketing boost this year? Or do you need help finding the right influencer for a partnership with your brand? Contact Baseline Creative for help with branding, design, or development. We’d love to help you achieve your marketing goals.