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ICT S.O.S. 10th Anniversary


It was just 10 years ago that Jennifer White felt the call to help fight human trafficking in Wichita and founded ICT SOS. In 2016 Baseline Creative designed and developed a new website for ICT SOS and rebranded the organization with a new logo. In 2021, the relationship with Baseline and ICT SOS grew even more.


Baseline is fulfilling a dream list for ICT SOS by donating $30,000 of web development and design, technology support, videography, graphic design, and digital marketing assistance in celebration of 10 years of the organization’s work in Wichita. “Baseline has supported ICT SOS in various capacities for over six years now and Jen and her team are some of our favorite people to work with,” said Bridgette West-Williams, Executive Director at Baseline. “We are excited and honored to help them with our time and talent.”

Specialty Logo Design

Baseline designed the latest iteration of the ICT SOS logo, and adapted the mark for the 10-year anniversary. The anniversary logo will be used throughout 2021 and seamlessly blends the current logo with new elements including the number 10.

Web Development

The newest iteration of the website included updated design and UX/UI. Baseline updated images and redesigned elements of the pages to improve the user experience. The result is a website that retains some original elements yet offers a fresh look.