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Generate & Capture Leads

By January 21, 2021No Comments
Lead generation often starts with paid ads.

Leads are important to nearly every business because each lead is a potential new customer. Lead generations start with your marketing efforts which will drive customers to your website and to lead capture tools on your website. However, you may wonder what options are available to you for lead generation and lead capture?

What is a Lead Generation?

Lead generation drives people to your website or social media channels through your marketing efforts. Lead generation provides multiple touchpoints for your customers to reach you, and find out more about what you offer.

Methods for lead generation include email marketing, paid advertising, referral marketing, and social media marketing. Email marketing and social media marketing also allow you to engage in lead nurturing which can convert to more sales. Examples of lead nurturing include inviting leads to webinars, sending case studies, or other kinds of helpful information.

What is Lead Capture?

Once at your website or social media channels, lead capture tools offer a reason for customers to take that extra step needed to covert a sale. Lead capture is when a customer provides your business with their contact information.

Lead capture can include signup forms, or a free demonstration, or downloads such as help guides, white papers, or e-books. When your customer fills out the form, they provide you with the information you need to move them from a lead to a sale. The quality of the kind of download you provide will make your lead capture tool more effective as it will be perceived as more valuable.

Lead capture is part of the end game, but customers must also be fully informed of how you will use their information. Do not bait and switch your leads and do not sell their information to third-parties. Once you have captured leads, respect their privacy or risk losing the customer and damaging your brand.

Lead Generation Options

As mentioned above, there are several ways you can engage in lead generation through your marketing efforts. Paid advertisements are a great way to target your potential customers.

Digital marketing is an affordable and effective way to do lead generation. Paid ads on social media and through Google Ads allow your customer base to be targeted fairly granularly. These ads can drive customers to your website where your product or service is explained and a lead capture tool is available for them to provide you with their contact information. Email marketing is another great tool for nurturing current customers or potential leads.

Need Assistance?

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