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Range, Digital Marketing and Affordability

By July 21, 2017March 13th, 2020No Comments

Owning a small business has its challenges. Or, as we optimists like to say, ‘opportunities to grow’. And that might seem cliché, but it’s true. Each challenge I’ve faced as a small business owner, and on behalf of small business owners has given me a breadth of knowledge I didn’t previously have. Lessons learned turn into positive outcomes in the future for both Baseline Creative and our clients.

Own a Business? I Bet You Can Relate.
By: Nathan Williams

I’ve met with a couple of potential clients over the past several weeks who have reminded me that one of the challenges they face in their marketing and digital marketing efforts is simply, affordability. Many small business owners don’t need a bells-and-whistles website, but an online business solution they can afford. In meeting with other agencies — or not, as client budget often determines if agencies will even provide an estimate — these small business owners are left feeling out in the cold because their budget simply isn’t in the $10,000 and up range for a digital presence. When other small businesses call me to get an estimate and get a feel for how we do business they are often surprised by the affordability of our simple websites, especially our One-Day Web Design. Our One-Day Web Design package provides a realistic online business solution they can afford, with great design, SEO, and support — completed quickly and efficiently.

Perhaps more than the affordability, clients are struck by the way we do business. It’s all about relationships for me. I personally want to succeed, and want to help others achieve success as well! There’s no agenda other than my personal belief we should help out our fellow humans, and when positive business relationships grow from that, we all win. I want to offer clients the services they need that will help them grow. We deliver what we promise. We don’t “up-sell” our clients on products or services that are out of their budget, but work to help them build their business up so they can be successful.

As a small business owner for 11 years now, I can honestly say, I’m damn proud of what we’ve accomplished. Our team has immense talent and our projects have impressive range in scope and in creativity. We’ve built custom web solutions that are vast in code and unique functionality, and we’ve built simple sites that meet client needs for e-commerce and SEO web presence. Our designers reach deep into their creativity wells and retrieve designs and concepts that consistently make me say, “Wow.” We back up our functionality and designs with solid SEO and social media and proven metrics. Our public relations strategists are adept at finding all the nooks and crannies to tell a brand story. And through it all, we maintain good relationships with each other, and with our clients, and treat others how we want to be treated. It’s a pretty good rule, in my opinion, for life and for business.