Yelp Reviews—The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Yelp business practices have come under fire recentlyEvery month, we get calls at Baseline Creative asking for assistance with Yelp reviews and accounts. And every time, we share in the frustration with our clients at the business practices we see Yelp using. Oftentimes, it seems that Yelp is holding the businesses on their platform hostage. More advertising on the platform seems to be the cure for most of those ails, but it doesn’t seem, well, ethical. Read More

What is Google Guarantee?

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Google Guarantee shows your customers you are prescreenedWhy Google Guarantee?

Google Guarantee is one of the latest tools from Google designed to let potential customers know your home service business has been vetted by Google.

People like a guarantee

Also, it gives customers a safety net—in the form of a possible refund—if they aren’t satisfied with the work quality. The vetting process makes it unlikely a customer would need a refund as Google only accepts businesses that are licensed, bonded and screened.

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Los Angeles Web Design: Arielle Antoine

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Los Angeles Web Design Happens in the Heartland.

In brief, Los Angeles Web Design is competitive. Celebrated brands are many. In fact, standing out from the crowd takes some effort.

We love our clients. We are selective with our work. Although at first glance you might wonder what Baseline Creative is all about. While many creative agencies focus on verticals. we prefer to be nimble. When they work in a specific industry and replicate creative content, the goal is to increase profit. However, this often means less creative and more selling. To this, we say “nah.”

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Re-Thinking Big (and Little) Data

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data visualization graphDuring a recent event we attended the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Kansas Chapter’s Professional Development Day, we gained valuable insight about data. Despite more than twenty years of experience, we discovered new techniques and tools for helping our clients achieve their goals. Additionally, it reinforced our confidence that metrics are essential to our work.

As an agency, Baseline Creative knows it is vital to stay on top of these advancements in measurement and analysis. When our work achieves the goals and objectives our clients need—and when there are measurable results we can effectively communicate—we demonstrate the ability of marketing to make a difference for a business owner and are able to establish a long-term relationship with a client. And that’s a winning formula for any agency.

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Strategy in Search—What Your Business Needs to Know

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How to keep up with your online business presence in search results


Need SEO Kansas City? Baseline Creative provides Search Engine Optimization as an ongoing service for our clients. We’re a creative agency based in Wichita.

Technology is constantly updating, refreshing, and changing. If it’s not an update to a currently existing product, it’s a new technology altogether. If you’re a marketer or business leader, you realize that you either need to adapt, or be left behind.

Baseline Creative has the expertise on this subject. We would love to sit down with you to define your goals and offer solutions to reach them. As technology changes, Baseline Creative is laser focused on best practices to adapt your brand accordingly. Specifically, part of best practices is improve your search engine optimization. Also, to focus on your reach, and the money brought in to your business through new methods.

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San Francisco Creative Web Design

California Web Design and Integrated Marketing

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California web design and integrated marketing. From a creative agency in Wichita, Kansas.

California web design isn’t something you would associate with a small creative agency in the midwest. Jack White sang about us. He made Wichita sound more like the kind of place you would go to hide from the world. Wichita is actually pretty tech-savvy.
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pitch.ME : Your Attention is a Valuable Commodity

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There’s a new tool worth checking out – it’s pitch.ME, and it might just change your life.

What I love most about pitch.ME is that it saves time and it benefits nonprofits. I’ve been using pitch.ME since the middle of August and love it. pitch.ME allows me to focus more on the task at hand, and provide an outlet for sales calls that is more mutually beneficial than the traditional approach.

If you want to sell me, pitch.ME! Read More

Digital Marketing

Range, Digital Marketing and Affordability

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Owning a small business has its challenges. Or, as we optimists like to say, ‘opportunities to grow’. And that might seem cliché, but it’s true. Each challenge I’ve faced as a small business owner, and on behalf of small business owners has given me a breadth of knowledge I didn’t previously have. Lessons learned turn into positive outcomes in the future for both Baseline Creative and our clients.

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PetBridge Shelter Software Connects Pets & Owners

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Millions of homeless animals end up in shelters every year. Abandoned by their owners, they feel vulnerable and scared. The future of a shelter animal is uncertain. Time isn’t on their side. Nearly 50 percent are euthanized due to overcrowding (Humane Society). These are not “problem pets” who are locked up because they are “damaged.” Shelter cats and dogs are loving pets who are desperately looking for a second chance at life. Unfortunately, the odds of a happy ending is against them. Baseline Creative is passionate about pet adoption and saving lives. This is why are so proud of the work we do with PetBridge and their shelter software.

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