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California Web Design and Integrated Marketing

By February 9, 2018March 13th, 2020No Comments

California web design and integrated marketing. From a creative agency in Wichita, Kansas.

California web design isn’t something you would associate with a small creative agency in the midwest. Jack White sang about us. He made Wichita sound more like the kind of place you would go to hide from the world. Wichita is actually pretty tech-savvy.

Yes. All. The. Time. At Baseline Creative, we had no intention of developing a remote practice. It just happened. But that’s OK, we love to travel and meet new people.

San Diego California Web DesignCalifornia was one of the first states that beckoned for all things Baseline. Over a decade ago, it began in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. It seemed to happen spontaneously. But literally, almost overnight, we began working with companies in Los Angeles and San Diego as well.

San Diego California Web Design

California Web Design Clients are FUN!

California web design clients choose Baseline because of our creativity and very competitive rates. Our services have expanded over the years. Our favorite part about working with California web design clients (and creative services) is their willingness to experiment with technology and embrace new solutions and emergent technology.

For our medical clients in San Francisco, we developed an app for training. Then we developed a custom, first-of-its-kind HIPAA compliant document transfer and queue function to move records from the coast to coast for billing.

Temecula California Web DesignHowever, in the process of creating new software and websites, we began to see what made us unique. While many companies shout their capabilities, we quietly continued to evolve and deliver solutions that benefit people and pets.

Long-term Relationships are Our Goal

Along the way, we’ve experienced our own hurdles, but we’ve learned as we have grown. Our goal is to do great work and to work with clients long-term. At Baseline Creative, we don’t have much interest in one-off work. It just isn’t as fulfilling as being accountable and helping a brand grow. Sometimes it’s in a limited capacity, but there is always more an external marketing group can help do. In some cases, we fill in when members of an internal marketing team suddenly leave.

This article – and many more to follow – are a realization I had while reading some books. Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead inspired me to examine our processes. Because of the premise, I realized we have been quietly working and creating great things. However, by not sharing some of the work we have done, I am doing a disservice to the Baseline Creative team.

If we don’t tell the world about what we are doing and what we have accomplished, the world will probably never know.

One of our favorite, very recent projects is for Emergency Pet Clinic of Temecula. If you have a moment, take a look at their before and after on the Emergency Pet Clinic of Temecula California Web Design project page – the original site was built by a one-and-done national company. In the process of updating the website, we also got to rebrand the Pet Clinic and help with many aspects of collateral and marketing.

Emergency Pet Clinic Temecula California Web DesignEmergency Pet Clinic Temecula California Web Design