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Baseline Creative, Inc.  has plenty to say. Check here for insights and viewpoints from staff members who are eager to share their expertise.
Baseline Creative Award-Winning Design and Development
One of the best things about our culture at Baseline Creative is that we aren’t a building of egos—we’re a
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Ranking in Google—Do you have to pay to play?
Ranking in Google is top of mind for anyone who has ever built a website. Google is the industry standard,
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Yelp Reviews—The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Every month, we get calls at Baseline Creative asking for assistance with Yelp reviews and accounts. And every time, we
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What is Google Guarantee?
Why Google Guarantee? Google Guarantee is one of the latest tools from Google designed to let potential customers know your
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Los Angeles Web Design: Arielle Antoine
Los Angeles Web Design Happens in the Heartland. In brief, Los Angeles Web Design is competitive. Celebrated brands are many. In
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Re-Thinking Big (and Little) Data
During a recent event we attended the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Kansas Chapter’s Professional Development Day, we gained
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Strategy in Search—What Your Business Needs to Know
How to keep up with your online business presence in search results   Need SEO Kansas City? Baseline Creative provides
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California Web Design and Integrated Marketing
California web design and integrated marketing. From a creative agency in Wichita, Kansas. California web design isn’t something you would
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When Good Ideas Become Bad Ideas
As we developed FullServiceReview.com, we learned valuable insights about how things work…and how they don’t. Ultimately, we found some universal
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Range, Digital Marketing and Affordability
Owning a small business has its challenges. Or, as we optimists like to say, ‘opportunities to grow’. And that might
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PetBridge Shelter Software Connects Pets & Owners
Millions of homeless animals end up in shelters every year. Abandoned by their owners, they feel vulnerable and scared. The
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Saving Lives, Making a Difference with Shelter Software
Your dog or cat is lost. They are out there in the world feeling confused and afraid. Without your love
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Capturing Micro Moments
While waiting in the pick-up lane for your kids you grab your smartphone and search for recipes for sloppy joe’s
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Millennials and Podcasts – The New Age of “Radio”
Back in 1980 the band The Buggles released a song called, “Video Killed the Radio Star” and for a long
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What is Success?
By: Nathan Williams From Don Draper (Mad Men) to Larry Tate (Bewitched), and Ron Richardson (Mr. Mom), the stereotypical ad
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